Protecting forests, supporting a healthy climate

Fundación Magnolios is protecting some of the most diverse and unique forests in the world, and combating climate change, by purchasing and conserving land at risk of clearing.

With agriculture the biggest driver of deforestation, the Foundation works with rural communities in Colombia to improve agricultural practices and reduce the need for further clearing as well as restoring forest on previously cleared land.


Donate to the Land Fund

You can keep more trees standing by donating to the Land Fund. Every acre purchased is helping to combat climate change, protect endangered species and ensure some of the world’s most unique forests are here for generations to come.

The Foundation needs to raise $50,000 to purchase land that adjoins an existing Foundation project area.


Promoting sustainable agriculture

Agriculture is the biggest driver of deforestation responsible for 80% of the land cleared globally every year. The Foundation works with rural communities to improve farming practices and reduce the need for further deforestation.

This includes switching to crops better suited to particular environments and generating carbon credits from protecting and restoring forests that provide farmers with additional income.

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Restoring forests

As well as protecting existing forests, the foundation is restoring forest to previously cleared land and replanting critically endangered tree species.

Every additional acre of forest is helping to combat climate change while also creating wildlife corridors for threatened species including leopards and pumas.

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Current Projects

Finca Reposo is a 185-hectare former dairy farm in the northwest of Colombia. This property was purchased by Foundación Magnolios and project partner SalvaMontes in 2017 and includes more than 100 hectares of virgin forest.

A local farmer is employed by the farm and is now growing traditional, low impact crops on a small area of the existing cleared land. The majority of the previously cleared land on the property is now being reforested.

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